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Style Report: Six Would-Be Popes


The papal conclave: a time for cardinals to come together, shoot the breeze and hopefully put a little white smoke up the Vatican chimney. And obviously, the stakes from a style perspective couldn’t be higher: one of these guys is about to inherit a windfall of papal wardrobe and accessories.

The pope’s job, after all (aside from leading the Catholic Church and telling the Popemobile driver to “open her up on the next straightaway”), is to make as bold a fashion statement as a grown man can make outside of being Kanye West. And then do this on a daily basis (sadly, we never see “casual pope”).

The ceremonial trappings that come with the job—the red loafers, the Ring of the Fisherman, the many, many fantastical hats—are not exactly the easiest looks to pull off.

In the pool of contenders, we see a few guys pulling off daring ensembles during their time as cardinals, while others, not so much.

A look at six of the most daring men who could become pope...

Cardinal Raymond Burke goes all-in on red, and we’ll confess: it’s hard to look away.Cardinal Raymond Burke

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle isn’t afraid to go full fuchsia. Again: hard to look away.Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle,

Cardinal Timothy Dolan rocks a sharp but decidedly un-popish straw fedora while talking to censured congressman Charlie Rangel.Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn is walking a tricky line with that red, orange and yellow color scheme, but he’s making it work for him.Cardinal Christophe Schoenborn

Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s simple monk’s habit and rope belt say, “I’m a humble servant to the Lord,” while the black cape and beret say, “Behold my handsomeness.”Cardinal Sean O’Malley

Cardinal Peter Turkson, in a nice V-neck pullover, knows that sometimes simple is better, and a winning smile is always the best accessory.Cardinal Peter Turkson