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Style Icons Playing Basketball

  • Najib Benouar


It’s a big day for basketball, with March Madness finally kicking off this morning.

And it’s been a big week for basketball here on Kempt, with our own bracket pitting icons of the sidelines against one another in our quest to name the most stylish NCAA basketball coach ever. You can catch up on the first-round action here, the second-round action here and yesterday’s Final Four here. But you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for the grand finale...

Because today we’re taking a brief break in our tourney to present a roundup of style icons playing basketball.

Mick Jagger on his school basketball team (top right).Mick Jagger

Jesse Jackson posts up on Marvin Gaye.Marvin Gaye and Jesse Jackson

Clooney going for a layup in a mustache.George Clooney

Obama living up to high school basketball nickname “Barry O-bomber” with the three-pointer.Barack Obama

Here’s rare footage of John Lennon and Miles Davis shooting hoops.

A young, bowl-cut-coifed Brad Pitt used to play ball.Brad Pitt

Ronald Reagan (left) ties up the ball for a jump ball.Reagan

James Dean shoots a hook-shot over his cousin in a barn while visiting his hometown, Fairmount, IN.James Dean

Jack Nicholson working on his dunk-contest skills.Jack Nicholson

Gerald Ford (bare-chested, jumping for the ball) working up a sweat on the USS Monterey.Gerald Ford

Matthew McConaughey doing his best Woody Harrelson impression.Matthew McConaughey

Justin Timberlake, street baller.Justin Timberlake

And for the win: Steve Urkel breaks the Fresh Prince’s ankles and blows past Reggie Miller as he drives hard to the hole for the monstrous dunk.*

(*In our imagination, at least.)

Steve Urkel