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Style Icons in Their Stylish Homes

  • Najib Benouar


For all the agonizing over style icons that happens online, we rarely look beyond the clothes. Which is an oversight worth correcting—especially with the recent uptick in attention to home furnishings across the menswearosphere.

So we looked into the matter, and as it turns out, the homes of most of our style icons were just as stylish as the men they housed. (Not to mention, it’s reminded us of how good looking a well-stocked bookshelf can be.) So without further ado:

Let us observe the style icon in his natural habitat.

1023homes1Keith Richards

1023homes2Clint Eastwood


1023homes4Ronald Reagan

1023homes5Elvis Presley

1023homes6James Dean

1023homes7Frank Sinatra

1023homes8Steve McQueen

1023homes9David Bowie


1023homes11Marlon Brando

1023homes12Paul Newman

1023homes13Dean Martin


1023homes15Harrison Ford

US Democratic nominee, Senator John FitzJohn F. Kennedy

1023homes17John Wayne

1023homes18George Clooney

1023homes19Gregory Peck

1023homes20Robert Redford


1023homes22Fred Astaire

1023homes23Kirk Douglas