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Style Icons in Holiday Sweaters

  • Kempt Staff


It’s one of the better perks of holidays: you can take some liberties in the festive garb department. A loud snowflake pattern that might have raised eyebrows just a few weeks ago is now totally legit. But before you go all out, take some sartorial cues from these stylish gents. (And heed them wisely.)

Behold, style icons in holiday sweaters.

1211_Sweaters_1 Steve McQueen 1211_Sweaters_2 Ronald Reagan

1211_Sweaters_3 Robert Redford

1211_Sweaters_4 David Bowie

1211_Sweaters_5 Alain Delon

1211_Sweaters_6 Colin Firth

1211_Sweaters_7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

1211_Sweaters_8 Chevy Chase

1211_Sweaters_9 Ryan Gosling