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Style Icons in Corduroy Jackets


Corduroy’s gotten a bad rap over the years, especially when it’s in jacket form.

And that’s a damned shame.

Because though you might imagine the ribbed fabric as off-limits to all but New England prep schoolers and college librarians, great men have perennially donned all forms of the stuff—pinwaled, wide-set and everything in between—and have managed to look pretty darned handsome regardless. With a bit of inspiration (and maybe a good tailor), we firmly believe that you could, too.

Herewith, a visual tutorial from iconic men in corduroy jackets:

1017corduroy1Sean Connery

1017corduroy2Robert Redford

1017corduroy3Chevy Chase

1017corduroy4Steve McQueen

1017corduroy5Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Photo courtesy of GQ)

1017corduroy6Paul Newman

1017corduroy7Donald Sutherland

1017corduroy8Matt Damon

1017corduroy9Dustin Hoffman

1017corduroy10John Lennon

1017corduroy11Anthony Perkins

1017corduroy12Wes Anderson