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Style Icons + Horses = This


You’ve got your hat. You’ve got your seersucker. And julep or not, your drink’s been Derby-fied with a sprig o’ mint.

Seems like you’re just about ready for Saturday’s festivities—now all you need is a little encouragement. Which is where we come in, with some of the most handsome equestrian moments in style icon history. Because why should the jockeys get to have all the fun?

So let us present your dapper Kentucky Derby inspiration, now:

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-KEITH-RICHARDSKeith Richards

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-MARLON-BRANDOMarlon Brando

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-CARY-GRANTCary Grant

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-CLARK-GABLEClark Gable

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-SEAN-CONNERYSean Connery

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-ELVIS-PRESLEYElvis Presley

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-GARY-COOPERGary Cooper

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-JOHN-F-KENNEDY-JFKJohn F. Kennedy

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-JAMES-DEANJames Dean

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-MONTOGMERY-CLIFTMontgomery Clift

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-PAUL-NEWMANPaul Newman

Reagan WarnerRonald Reagan

117222431.jpgRobert Redford

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-THE-BEATLESThe Beatles

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-STEVE-MCQUEENSteve McQueen

0501-KEMPT-Style-Icons-Horses-STEVE-MCQUEEN-2McQueen, again

— S.P.