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Style Icons Celebrating in Costume


We’re going to venture a guess and say that there are at least four sexy-somethings, 12 Don Drapers and a hearty handful of cat ears somewhere in your office at this exact moment.

That’s right, folks—it’s Halloween.

And in the event that you’re looking for some stylish inspiration on the subject, we’ve brought in some seasoned dress-up professionals to prepare you for a little handsomely costumed revelry of your own—regardless of whether it’s of the black-tie or the door-to-door variety.

Let us now present: style icons celebrating in costume.

1031costumes1Clark Gable

1031costumes2Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Paul McCartney

1031costumes3Mick Jagger

1031costumes4Joseph Gordon-Levitt

1031costumes5Cary Grant

1031costumes6Mel Ferrer

1031costumes8Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

1031costumes9Frank Sinatra

1031costumes10Adrien Brody

1031costumes11Desi Arnaz

1031costumes12Harrison Ford

1031costumes13Gary Cooper

1031costumes14Justin Timberlake

1031costumes15Charlie Chaplin

1031costumes16Paul Newman