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Style Guys Do Wear Plaid

  • Jared Paul Stern


Head to toe madras got a boost this summer from the likes of Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne's Black Fleece collection. However, the full-on matching madras suit effect is a bit much, we feel, even in this realm.

Trust that old dog Glenn O'Brien to show us how it should be done. His plaids are complimentary but not identical; what's more they're obviously well-worn and look as if the fabric might be authentically Indian to boot.

While a lot lower key than those fellows out Southampton way, O'Brien's panache is still evident in his trademark Belgians and proper rumpling (that's his wife Gina at right, who may well be younger than Glenn's shoes).

By the way, we checked with the folks at *GQ*, and O'Brien will be staying on as the Style Guy despite his big new gig running *Interview*, so fear not, oh ye of the sartorial insecurities.


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