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Style Guy Gone Wild

  • Jared Paul Stern

Style Guy

There's something about Miami, the badly-dressed epicenter of the Northern Hemisphere, that seems to affect even the most sensible of men. Take Glenn O'Brien, the weathered and usually well-put together “Style Guy” of *GQ* fame.

In town this week for the round of Art Basel shindigs, O'Brien apparently left his dress sense in his other pants. At one high-profile hoedown, as pictured here (with his lovely wife), he turned up in what appeared to be a pair of pajama bottoms and a polyblend short-sleeved button down no doubt lifted off some unsuspecting busboy. Unless you happen to be Julian Schnabel, that's a look best left on the shelf.

On the plus side, O'Brien has shaved off the scraggly the grey beard that made him look a bit like Father Time on a three-day bender. But we have to ask—would *you* take style advice from a fellow dressed like this?