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iPhone art is still a pretty new game, but so far the big innovators are coming from Madison Avenue, not Silicon Valley.

This GeoArt app was cooked up for MoMa by a tech-minded ad man named Daniel Shapiro, but it’s more the kind of thing you’d expect to find in the portfolio of an up-and-coming developer. Load it up the next time you’re out for a walk and it’ll trace an etch-a-sketch line along your exact path. After a few weeks of walking, you’ll end up with a haphazard, arbitrary and intensely personal set of scribbles, printed out bearing the MoMa logo and the slogan “Art is Everywhere.” It’s a cool gadget that managed to slip through the cracks under the guise of advertising, a trend we’re hoping to see more of as the ad world limbers up. How does it help out MoMa? We’d call it the Medici business model…