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Stocking Your Carry-On: Five Essentials for Surviving Holiday Travel

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1115KMT_HolidayBag_HedIt’s a fair bet that you’ll be doing some traveling in the near future (’tis the season). And since time is precious, we’re here to help you navigate the perils of holiday travel—stylishly, of course—in this weeklong series we’re calling: Travel Week.

Presenting: the necessary niceties for looking good while surviving this season’s planes, trains and automobiles:

1115KMT_HolidayBag_1 Master of Malt 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die Tasting Set

1115KMT_HolidayBag_2Otis Batterbee Travel Pillow

1115KMT_HolidayBag_3Exemplaire Cashmere Eye Mask, Blanket and Sock Set

1115KMT_HolidayBag_4Tricker’s Eight-Piece Shoe Maintenance Travel Kit

1115KMT_HolidayBag_5Aesop Jet Set Kit