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Stocking Your Bar and Ron Burgundy’s Memoir

  • Kempt Staff

51007157FM001_mtvtrl Today’s must-reads from around the Internet.

Shakers and Jiggers and Stirrers, Oh My: Valet gets down to brass tacks on the essentials your home bar requires.

Bach In Business: Rappers have shared a storied history with the Mercedes Maybach—which, sadly, ended with last year’s discontinuation—but with news of it’s possible return, New York relives the romance.

British Invasion: The blokes across the pond at GQ UK report on the British menswear super PAC Vivienne Westwood is building.

Smooth Delivery and Sharp Tailoring: The New Yorker has managed to get a hold of an excerpt of Ron Burgundy’s memoir (which, apparently, is a real thing).