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Stocked Up


Today, our friends at UrbanDaddy take a look at Stock, one of New York’s best vintage stores. It’s equally beloved as a source for designers, a reference point for devotees of Early American Menswear, and a secret weapon for aspiring MOTHs throughout the city. And naturally, there were more than a few items that caught our eye.


The first is this pair of engineer boots from the 1940s that, thanks to the strap, looks surprisingly current. We can’t help but think how well it would go with a few equestrian touches. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Cumming picks up a pair. The advantage of vintage is that the boots are broken in from the get-go, and Stock seems to have an almost unending supply—boots take up three long shelves in the store—so you won’t have to scramble to get a pair.


Stock also has a few classic side-zip leather jackets—think Brando in *The Wild One*—but the biker gear that caught our eye was this Belstaff Trailmaster’s Jacket from the ‘60s. The black sheen is waxed cotton not leather, making it a little less tough but a lot more distinctive.

The label has kept on through the years—the past few decades have seen it producing a Che Guevara replica jacket and outfitting the European Ryder Cup Team—but the only place you’ll find a 60s-era jackets is a well-heeled vintage store like Stock.