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Tsujiguchi Hironobu may not be a household name just yet, but it’s definitely not from lack of inspiration. He’s the patissier behind two boutique chocolate shops in Tokyo—Mont St. Clair and Le Chocolat de H., for the internationally-inclined—but this foray into concept desserts was what caught our eye.

Inspired by nendo—designer Oki Sato’s personal site—Tsujiguchi came up with a mousse and shavings chocolate dish with an interesting twist. You put on the shavings yourself by sharpening the various pencils on the side. The pencils come in assorted flavors and strengths, so you can regulate your mocha intake and suit the shavings to the dish.

The high concept twist is that, instead of being a byproduct, the shavings are now the whole point. And instead of needing a complex bit of chrome to produce those shavings, all you need is the latest in second-grade technology.

You may have to trek to Tokyo to find it, but if you find yourself in Le Chocolat de H., you’ll know what to order.

nendo [via CoolHunting]