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Stardust Memories


Celebrities in the pre-tabloid era didn’t leave much of a trace. They made movies, maybe made a TV appearance when the Oscars rolled around, and the rest of the time they just sat around basking in their mystique without the slightest inkling of paparazzo intrusions.

Luckily, they occasionally found time to pick up a camera.

Humphrey Bogart’s son recently dug through his family archive and posted a set of gloriously grainy home movies, including family beachgoing with Lauren Bacall and a yacht trip with Frank Sinatra. It’s style bait for anyone jonesing for 50s-era swimwear, but it’s also one of the more intimate peeks you’re likely to get at a lost era of movie star. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for that Maltese Falcon DVD when the footage runs out.