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Stalking Denim, Nasty Stockings and a Tiger Never Changes its Stripes


Stimulating Ideas: Claudia Schiffer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reenact Buñuel’s *Belle de Jour* in this month’s GQ. So *that’s* why foreign film is important. [Men.Style]

The Wait is Over: At long last, Zubaz pants are back in vogue. Huzzah! [Star Tribune]

"Sock-Gate": England's Health Secretary has a lot to learn about proper foot care. [Peterborourgh Today]

Big Game: Join a denim hunter on the trail. [PSFK]

Down Market: The gathering financial storm probably won't make it easier to get dinner reservations at New York's better restaurants, but at least your waiter will have a MBA from Wharton. [NYT]

A Pinch of Saffron: Look, we're as confused about aesthetic and practical value of these "T Takes" mini-movies over at The Moment Blog as the rest of you. But this one here has Saffron Burrows, so... [The Moment]

Dapper Data: We're backing up to this leather-bound hard drive. [Crave]

Poking Holes: A blogger vents his three-button rage. [Permanent Style]

Spring Scrum: Enjoy this preview of Ralph Lauren's latest Rugby collection. [Rugby]