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Sponsored Post: Martin Scorsese For Chanel

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but fashion ads have gotten downright artful lately—which means the time is right for some genuine heavy-hitters to enter the fray. The Raging Bull of fragrance ads, if you will...

To that end, CHANEL has enlisted Martin Scorsese to direct his first commercial ever, in honor of their newly unveiled, intensely masculine BLEU DE CHANEL scent. The ad’s full of all Scorsese’s best trademarks, like the Stones licks in the background, Italian film references (in this case, Blow-Up) and a giddy enthusiasm for all things movie. And, as you might expect, it’s one of the cooler ads you’ll see all year. The plot goes something like this: there’s a beautiful woman, a nice-smelling man, an irate press corps, a touch of ginger over citrus zest, a 16mm camera...

Maybe you'd better just see for yourself.