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Spidey Gets Sad


Spider-Man’s had a pretty good decade, even counting his most recent stumble, but we just got word of two new developments that make us a little worried. First, he’s got a new director, the aptly named Mark Webb fresh off (500) Days of Summer. Second, he’s going back to high school. Yes, again.

Here's why we're worried:

Part of Spidey’s appeal is his immaturity. He always seems just about ready to buckle under the pressures of everyday life—possibly like one or two people you know—but in the end he gets his mask on and saves the day, just like you knew he would.

But after three features, the idea of a superhero who’s freaked out by the world isn’t quite the draw it used to be. With a job, a girlfriend, and a healthy mischievous side, it seemed like Spider-Man was getting ready for the grown-man problems Batman has to deal with…which makes this something of a step backwards. Webb’s a competent helmer, but his work with (500) Days suggests we’re in for a lot more angst, and not the mature, suit-wearing, presidential kind.

Oh well, there’s always Iron Man.