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Smell Test: The Glenlivet’s Spirit of the Glen


Just when you thought there were enough single malt scents...

The Glenlivet goes and teams up with Brooklyn-based perfumery HYLNDS to make a “scotch-inspired” eau de parfum they’re calling “The Spirit of the Glen.” (We’re guessing “scotch-inspired” means there’s some “barley malt” and “sherry cask” listed in the scent’s low notes.) And while it won’t be available for purchase until the holidays, we’ve managed to get our hands on an advance sample.

Thus, in our long-standing tradition of providing helpful, honest commentary on what your olfactory centers have in store for them, we’ve asked the great noses at Kempt HQ to take a good, strong whiff and tell us what they think of the stuff.

It’s the olfactory equivalent of a red velvet smoking jacket.

Ron Burgundy’s backyard, I imagine, would smell something of the sort.

Smells like my dad after he came home from a bar mitzvah that had an open bar.

It’s like a boozy version of Icy Hot, relaxing my muscles in its own special way.

You know the creepy neighbor kid on Mad Men, Glen? This smells nothing like him.

Smells like every character Denzel Washington has played in the past five years.

Like whiffing a coniferous tree covered in aftershave, falling on a leather tannery.

It smells like Henry David Thoreau in drag.

Probably the second-best way to smell like whiskey in the morning.