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Smell Test: Odin 09 Posala

  • Kempt Staff

Last time we met, we determined that Odin’s 07 fragrance smelled like Michael Fassbender in a closet made of cedar. Then along came 08, which we... well, we ignored it.

Today, Odin 09, which purports to smell like velvety peach and pear flower with hints of tobacco and bourbon. That’s almost right. We asked 10 sophisticated noses at Kempt HQ to give it a whiff and weigh in.

An older European gentleman arguing with someone on the French Riviera.

As if you’re falling into a madam’s heaving bosom—while deep in an oxycodone stupor.

Like a baby brothel. Wait, don’t put that. Like baby wipes and cheap sex.

It reminds me of “Love Baby Soft”—which was the perfume for 10-year-old girls. Everything I owned smelled like that.

An autumn afternoon lying on shag carpeting in 1979... ideally in a Midwestern state.

It smells like your girlfriend’s perfume.

An overpaid au pair in a French bakery.

Let’s Dance-era David Bowie, before hitting the dance floor.

A futuristic Nordic day spa.

It’s supposed to be unisex? That’s not a good sign.

If you’d like to smell like Euro Bowie holding a baby on a riverbank in autumn, Odin 09 Posala is available at Odin New York.