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Smell Test: Gold Jay Z

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1105_GoldJaz_HED Rapper + Producer + Designer + Agent + Team Owner + Philanthropist + Beyoncé’s Plus-One = Your New Perfumer.

Yes, Mr. Carter is getting into his eighth-ish career with his forthcoming scent, Gold Jay Z. It’s apparently the essence of an icon in a bottle: power, pride, confidence, strength, success and courage.

But what exactly does an icon’s essence smell like? Yeah, we didn’t know either. So we got our hands on a bottle early and unleashed our regiment of noses on the Smell Test™.

Take a whiff of the gilded mogul:

Smells like money.

Morning at a champagne-bucket factory.

Like boiling some aqua.

The opposite of Bed-Stuy.

Has anyone said money? Oh. Well—still smells like money.

The chest pocket of a mogul.

What a man would think a woman would want a man to smell like.

New York... concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh.

I ain’t mad at it.

If you’ve been trying to smell more like a champagne-bucket factory, it’s hitting stores everywhere November 29. Follow your nose. Pick up a bottle.