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Six Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

  • Adam Weinberg
  • Jason Wire
  • Najib Benouar
  • Shawn Donnelly


Every Monday from here on out—or at least until the mid-season break—the minds behind Kempt are sharing our thoughts on everything from the menswear to the Ritz crackers in last night’s episode of Mad Men.

051214_Mad-Men-Megan-Pucci-Jean-JacketLoved this episode. “It had everything! (Well, everything but Roger.) A pregnant homeless Berkeley dropout. Lou Avery creating a comic strip about a monkey in the Army. Harry cheating on his wife. Don having a threesome. Sally sword fighting with golf clubs. Bobby looking sad. Lou and Cutler scheming to oust Don. And finally, Ginsberg CUTTING OFF HIS NIPPLE and presenting it to Peggy in a little box. Seinfeld’s nipple episode has nothing on Mad Men’s nipple episode. Bravo, Weiner, bravo.” —S.D.

HOLY SHIT. “That’s all I could think when Peggy opened the box, which I thought might contain a strange earring, necklace or really anything that wasn’t Ginsberg’s own severed nipple. Mad Men does an excellent job of bringing its most jarring surprises out of nowhere, and while some viewers might say they saw his psychosis coming, I doubt anyone expected it to go down like that. I’ve always seen Ginsberg as the lovable neurotic, which made seeing him sitting in that chair as Peggy left, oblivious to the dementedness of his actions, one of the series’ saddest moments to date.” —J.W.

Speaking of Ginsberg. “The guy who plays him is very good in a recent episode of Silicon Valley as a bro-y, guitar-playing lawyer. Very un-Ginsberg, and sans mustache.” —S.D.

051214_Mad-Men-Don-Draper-Blazer-PoloCalifornia Don. “From the madras blazer to the black polo with white piping, Draper’s LA looks always kill it.” —A.P.B.

Agreed. “Polo Draper might be my favorite Draper.” —A.W.

051214_Mad-Men-Stan-Rizzo-Silk-Scarf-DenimA lot of silk and denim in this episode. “I also hold a special place in my heart for Don’s California polo (and that blazer), but even at his most dressed-down, he still looked like the stiff in the room at Megan’s party with Jean Jacket Dancer and his motley crew of Hollywood hippies lounging around. (Then, miraculously, fellow suit Harry Crane shows up to whisk him away.) Conversely, back in buttoned-up NYC, you’ve got Stan Rizzo carrying the torch for the silk-and-denim crowd, surrounded by suits in the SCP office. That casual office foulard was something else, huh? (Related: ‘Silk and Denim’ sounds like the hot new fragrance from the makers of Sex Panther.)” —N.B.

And now for Adam’s Fun Fact. “Mark Wahlberg has three times as many nipples as Ginsberg.” —A.W.