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Six Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

  • Adam Weinberg
  • Najib Benouar


Every Monday from here on out—or at least until the mid-season break—the minds behind Kempt are sharing our thoughts on everything from the menswear to the Ritz crackers in last night’s episode of Mad Men.

042814_Mad-Men-1_real“If 6 Was 9,” by Jimi Hendrix. “It was extremely jarring to hear Hendrix kick in at the end. At first I thought it was a little too on-the-nose musically. Like Don picking up a pool cue and sinking the eight ball to the sounds of ‘Bad to the Bone’ would’ve been more subtle. But after a day of humiliation waiting for the other partners to decide his fate, it was nice to see him get a moment of swagger. His return should be interesting for the politics of the office. Always admired by the junior staff, Don has become even more God-like to them in his absence. And it’s hard to imagine Don bowing down to Lou’s cold, dick-ish leadership style.” —A.P.B.

That was not a moment of swagger. “I read it as a moment of desperation. They served him up a deal that basically neutered him, but he was forced to swallow his pride and accept it in order to prove himself again to Megan, himself and the staff (not necessarily in that order). The big question was why he didn’t just take the other firm’s offer, which had to be much better? In my mind, it’s the reciprocal loyalty that exists between him and Roger. The last 10 minutes were all about Don and Roger recapping how they’d stood up for each other, followed by Roger being as animated (and loud) as he’s ever been on screen in defending Don to the partners. And yes, the setup of coming confrontations between Don and Lou is truly delicious.” —S.P.

042814_Mad-Men-2Hey, from left field over here, to further this conversation in a very menswear-y and unconstructive way... “I screencapped the shot of Don glancing at his watch before heading into the office—to get a better look at what he was wearing. It was an Omega Seamaster De Ville. And it just so happens that the time on the watch was... wait for it: exactly 9 o’clock. (6 is 9?) Probably more harmless than ominous. Nevertheless, it’s a good-looking watch.” —N.B.

042814_Mad-Men-3And to further the style conversation. “Meet Stan Rizzo, flamboyant safari guide; Don’s still clinging to the hat; Roger Sterling, smoking jacket icon; Bobby Draper, baseball jacket icon; Lou might want to consider swapping in a snappy sport coat for those grandfatherly cardigans, pronto; I hope Don rejecting that offer means we never have to see that guy with the egregious dress shirts ever again.” —N.B.

042814_Mad-Men-4... And Ken Cosgrove’s eye patch. “Shades of ‘The Man in the Hathaway Shirt.’ (Probably not) coincidentally, an homage to the campaign that launched David Ogilvy’s advertising career into the stratosphere.” —N.B.

042814_Mad-Men-5_realThe real question I was left asking at the climactic ending of this episode: “What sort of sandwich did Bobby trade for those gumdrops?” —A.W.