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Six Lessons in Style from Season 1 of Masters of Sex


Last night, Showtime’s acclaimed new drama, Masters of Sex, concluded its inaugural season.

Yes, the first run definitely had its fair share of, ahem, less-than-clothed moments.

But when the characters were fully clad, it was an undeniably dapper production, providing a thorough tutorial in bow ties, Eisenhower-era business casual and gentlemanly accoutrements. And it’s worth some further examination, minus the distraction of bare breasts. (Spoiler alert.)

So, without further ado, six lessons in style from this season of Masters of Sex:

1. A good bow tie is always appropriate attire. 1216masters1

(No, seriously. Always.) 1216masters2

2. Though a nice robe, or set of pajamas, may be suitable for serious conversations at home... 1216masters3 1216masters4

... donning either in the workplace will no doubt lead to unintended complications. 1216masters5

3. Lab coats are essential for maintaining an air of professionalism. 1216masters6

4. Gentlemen of all social standings appreciate a hearty shawl-knit cardigan. 1216masters7 1216masters8

5. Blue and black are not the be-all and end-all of professional suiting. 1216masters9

6. The best accessory for a well-dressed man is a Kemptress at his side. Especially if she’s Lizzy Caplan. 1216masters10