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Simon Spurr Bows Out

The big industry news of the weekend comes from Simon Spurr, who abruptly departed from his namesake label last week—just a week after he got a nod from the CFDA as one of the best menswear designers in America.

It’s left more than a few people stunned, but we’re mostly upset at the prospect that Spurr’s style of transatlantic tailoring might vanish from the scene entirely. He’s never been as trendy as the Thom Brownes of the world, but he’s been responsible for some of the better red-carpet moments of 2012 (starting with this one), and without him heading up a label, there’s no one to carry on the kind of angular suiting he worked so hard to establish.

Which is to say, we hope the man lands on his feet, if only for our wardrobe’s sake.