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Shorts at the Office: An Appraisal

Shorts in the officeNot Kempt HQ.

A Kempt contributor who shall remain nameless (hint: not me, and not Caitlin) had the audacity to wear shorts to the office yesterday.

Finally, at precisely 5:07pm, I mentioned it to him. I asked if I was the first to do so. I was. Was I the first to notice them? I can assure you not. Was this practice acceptable?

Yes and no. The pros and cons:

PRO We don’t work in a bank, a law office or the military.

CON We don’t work as guitarists for AC/DC.

PRO It’s motherfucking hot out there.

CON We work indoors, and have spared no expense on a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system.

PRO The guy’s got nice legs.

CON I just wrote “The guy’s got nice legs.”

PRO All the arguments here.

CON All the arguments here.


CONCLUSION Let’s just say he wasn’t fired... yet.