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Ships Comes to Tribeca

Ships doesn’t get the press of Beams or Honeyee, but they’ve been one of the main players in Tokyo’s heritage revival. And more importantly, they’re currently finishing up a pop-up shop at Tribeca’s Grown & Sewn—a khaki artisan you might remember from the Pop Up Flea. We stopped by today to check out the goods, including Inverallan sweaters and some of the finest sweatshirts known to man.

A tour of Tokyo’s best heritage menswear, currently touring Tribeca:

As you might expect from a heritage-minded Ginza shop, there’s a lot of flannel and a lot of oilcloth. They even had a few slim-fit Barbours.

The ring belt and pants, on the other hand, are both from Grown & Sewn.

Loopwheeler makes sweats in the model of what Champion was putting out in the ’50s, with the help of a few Loopwheeler looms—a model that’s already extinct in America. The downside of all that authenticity: the looms can only churn out one meter of fabric every hour.

Ships also pulled down a few authentic Inverallan sweaters. Here’s a surprise if you’ve never actually touched one: there’s almost no fuzz to the knit. It feels more like an unusually soft nautical rope.

Since each sweater is knit by a single person, Inverallan has the maker sign the tag afterward.

And yes, of course they keep a vintage medicine ball in the store.