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Shipley + Halmos, Hedi's Pics, Turtle Necks and Doctor Love


Bulking Up: There's a pernicious rumor that we'll see healthier, more human looking humans on Fashion Week's runways. We'll believe it when we see it. [Gawker]

Flying Tomato Targeted: Snowboarding, medal-winning, star-squiring ginger Shaun White added to Target's collection. [DNRNews]

Boy's Room: Shipley + Halmos have a great office, get good press, love Calexico's burritos, fear the Superbowl. [Refinery29]

Say Cheese: A kinky look a Hedi Silmane's photographic predilections. [Radar]

"Hipster Tilley": Click for our endorsed candidate in the New Yorker's Eustace Tilley Contest. [Flickr]

Vaseline Smiles: At last, the Miss America pageant is kinda, sorta sexy. [CNN]

Butt Out: Lighting up may threaten your sex life—in addition to other things. [Jamaica Gleaner]

Playing Doctor: As you already suspected, med students get more play than the average bear—mostly because they get to say, "Hey, I'm a med student." []

"Who's Neck Gets Cold Anyway": Wearing a "polo neck" (trans.—turtle neck) could make you look smug and perhaps even glib. [Guardian UK]

The Big Sleep: Us Americans are such fatty fats that we need king-sized autopsy tables. [IHT]