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Shipley & Halmos Fall/Winter ’12 Line, Annotated

Shipley & Halmos’s latest fall/winter lookbook just arrived in our inbox, and as usual, it’s pretty sharp stuff. It’s got at least two of 2012’s signature items—the shearling coat and the unstructured fedora, for those keeping score—and the whole thing is just a little bit brighter than real life usually is.

To give you a sense of what you’re seeing, we’ve broken it down look-by-look after the jump. Take a gander…

Hiking through the cool part of the Alps.

The hero of a silent film.

A quirky Finnish assassin.

The world’s first preppy shearling. We’ll be honest, we weren’t sure it could be done.

A lazy Sunday panning for gold.

The CW spin-off of Bored to Death.

Hanging with the bad crowd at Exeter.

Hefner, a Wes Anderson film.

The thrilling return of blanket boy.

Fedora lesson #1: If possible, try to match your brim with your hair.

Boardwalk Empire: Ibiza.