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If Bob’s leftovers aren’t current enough for you, maybe you’d prefer a tune that’s a little more Bond-themed. Jack White and Alicia Keys’ theme for *Quantum of Solace* has been kicking around file-sharing sites for a while, but it’s finally gotten a proper video and we’re now ready to profess our undying love.

It’s not just the rock vs. soul duet—in all honesty, Ms. Keys gets washed out—or the fittingly paranoid take on the Life of Bond. The orchestration blends perfectly with White’s fuzz-flattened guitar, but Keys’ piano line gives the whole thing a dose of chromatic jitters, keeping us from getting too comfortable. Add in a few chaotic instrumental breaks and you’ve got one of the most volatile pop songs since the Neptunes roamed the earth. And in front of a PG-13 film no less.

Well played, Mr. White.