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Seven Essential Cycling Upgrades

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


News flash: it’s hot out there. By “there,” we mean everywhere. The sun is oppressive, and the humidity pervasive.

Of course, there are the traditional remedies: Slip ’N Slides, ice baths, water-balloon fights and the like. But sometimes, there’s no better way to shake the thick summer heat than hopping on your bike and getting a bit of wind in your hair. And as always, we think you should look good doing it.

So we searched high and low for the sartorial upgrades your summer cycling requires.

For Smart Seating:CyclingBrooks England Swift Chrome Saddle

For Pedestrian Awareness:CyclingCrane Riten Rotary Bell

For Getting a Grip:CyclingWalnut Sew-On Leather Bar Wraps

For Easy Transport:CyclingVelo Orange Porteur Rack

For Your Personal Effects:CyclingBillykirk No. 211 Bike Pouch

For Looking the Part:CyclingThe Rapha Cap

For Turnkey Excellence:CyclingMelinda Gloss x Heritage Paris Bicycle