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Seven Deep Thoughts on the Headband

  • Najib Benouar


If you haven’t been following the NBA Finals, well, that’s a shame. But you’re in luck because you haven’t missed the grand finale—tonight is Game 7.

And to get you up to speed, here’s what you need to know:

A) You’ve been missing out on arguably the most exciting series since the Jordan era.

B) Of all the storylines that have emerged, the most captivating one happened late in Game 6: LeBron James lost his signature headband during play, and in a reverse-Samson-effect, he seemed to gain power from shedding the headwear, willing his team to a spectacular overtime victory.

C) Which brings us to:

Seven deep thoughts on the headband...


1. While LeBron’s Tuesday performance might have been the greatest headband-less moment, this definitely has to be the greatest moment in headband-ing.

2. Will LeBron continue his headband-less march to victory in tonight’s game?

3. What happened to this mythical headband once it left LeBron’s head? Does someone have it? Will it become the NBA equivalent to Barry Bonds’s 73rd homerun ball? Or did it just dematerialize instantly under the sheer power of LeBron switching into beast-mode?


4. The flag of Corsica depicts a man who has fashioned a headband out of cloth for himself. Or is it an ancient foretelling of Game 7?

5. Conspiracy theorists have always attributed LeBron’s obsession with wearing a headband to an attempt to disguise his receding hairline. But you rarely see him wearing one off the court, or in postgame interviews.


6. A look at the evidence suggests that LeBron’s headband has been traveling farther north with each new season, which would explain why the thing could just spring off his head like that.

7. Perhaps everyone’s making a huge fuss over nothing and it’s just silly to think a piece of terry cloth could have a serious direct effect on the outcome of this game.