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Seeing Hot Dogs While Smelling Like JFK

  • Kempt Staff

tumblr_mrfiwmaqQj1sftuuto1_500 Today’s must-reads from around the Internet.

Almost Always Legs: Are you looking at hot dogs or legs? That is the question being asked by the summer’s most relevant Tumblr, Hot-Dog-Legs.

Presidents’ Man: Esquire traces the style in The Butler starring Forest Whitaker as the butler to a host of style icon presidents.

RaTweed Wallace: Four Pins calls out the corny, well-trodden fall stories you’ll inevitably end up seeing on the lesser menswear blog circuit (read: not on Kempt).

Smelling Camelot: Fashionista stumbles upon the fascinating story behind JFK’s favorite fragrance—and how it’s making a comeback in the states.