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Secret Agent


The same lingerie line that brought you Kate Moss’ magnum opus has come back with another provocative ad concept: the interactive peep show.

Agent Provocateur’s “Peep in Paris” is the game in question. Sadly, it’s all drawings, but they still manage to fit in some pretty exciting material. The game itself is essentially Strip [Simon](, with windows in place of colored lights. You do your best to copy the order the windows opened, and the Provocateurs do their best to reward you when you get it right.

Luckily we’ve always had a good memory for those things.

Just like Mme. Moss’s tease, it’s all for the good of the brand. The lovely girls are decked out in Agent Provocateur’s finest, so we won’t forget who to thank when we finish the game. To be fair, we preferred the flesh-and-celluloid version, but this project probably only needed an artist and a flash programmer, instead of cameras, lights, a mansion and the various substances required to pacify Kate Moss.

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