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Seamstress Stimulus


Here’s a quick primer in international relations, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal: The U. S. bails out banks, and France bails out tailors. We’re not going to say which we prefer…

Motivated by a sartorial sense of culture and the rising tide of ready-to-wear fashion, France’s prime minister is currently pondering sending a little aid to the ailing fashion houses of France. Most of them specialize in extremely specialized womenswear, so we won’t see any of our favorite brands on the dole, but if it catches on, it may mean good things for Savile Row.

Unfortunately for the old fabric houses (and the old tailors), style has moved on from the times when well-heeled customers spent their wardrobe money on a few personalized big ticket items. Bringing a little government cheese into the mix isn't going to make them any more up-to-date...but that might not be such a bad thing. Like Savile Row, they'll end up frozen in a particular moment—probably around the time they were stitching up ball gowns for Grace Kelly. It's a museum piece, but a pretty good one.

And maybe Carla can get a few new dresses in the bargain.