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Scouting Viral Vines with Chrissy Teigen

  • Kempt Staff

jersey Today’s must-reads from around the Internet.

Off Pitch: Deadspin delves into the wacky world of first pitches in the Korean baseball league—they’ve seen everything from ballet to sleight of hand.

Fine Vine: Esquire has tracked down the college girl who unwittingly took the most viral Vine of all time (a truck ramping off a freeway).

Scout’s Honor: Art of Manliness digs up the 16 rules a good scout (or anyone camping) should know—like how to properly roll a sweater and open a new book.

Improv Skit: During a recent photo shoot, Chrissy Teigen was ambushed by a showering of Skittles, and that’s news because, well, it just is.