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Scenes from the Armory Show

The Armory Show started up this week, with hundreds of galleries piling into two piers on Manhattan’s western edge. It’s the closest you’ll find to a pop-up MoMA—and more importantly, it has nearly every variety of gentlemanly style you could want, from British Museum trads and disheveled artists to the Harajuku avant-garde. (Also, every conceivable hairstyle.) We stopped by yesterday with camera in hand to document the splendor. Check it out below.

Why yes, that is a denim suit.

You can always spot the artists.

Pocket squares were well represented.

Some classic style...

...and some not-so-classic style.

This is a statue, not a person—although it fooled us, too. Man with Camera, by Duane Hanson, in polychromed bronze. Nice shirt though.

A jovial Frenchman wearing one of the nicer suits we saw all day.

A great flipped lapel.

An imprisoned captoe. We can’t begin to guess what this means.

Reservoir Dogs meets gallery assistant.

An art tie from Gary Hume.

Ambitious hair, classic jacket.

A man in a quilted vest is welcome everywhere.