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Scenes From the Capsule Show

The trade show/blogger convention known as Capsule has come and gone, and apart from a few stand-outs (which you’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come), it was a blur of handsomeness: plaid after plaid, camo after camo, and more good ideas than we’ve ever seen in one place.

So we thought we’d pass on the menswear headrush in the best way we know how—lots and lots of photos.

Here goes…

The brushed wool ties from Monitaly are the fuzziest things you’ve ever tried to wrangle into a half-windsor.

Their camo pattern is also worth staring at for a few minutes too.

A vintage Brooks Brothers jockey helmet turned up at the Orange Crush booth. A legendary find.

In God We Trust representing sea foam.

Never underestimate the wool vest.

Perfecto, representing the mountaineer jacket.

The Overcoat of the Year, from Ian Velardi.

The runner-up for Overcoat of the Year, from LA’s biker brand, Beautiful Fül. That’s mottled wool on the outside, and a bathrobe-style terrycloth lining on the inside.

As slippers catch on, Del Toro just gets crazier and crazier.

A marled cardigan from 18waits.

Greg Chapman (of Perfecto Brand) unveiled a new line of knits and denim for H.W. Carter and Sons

…and his beard was in fine form.