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Saluting the Enduring Style of JFK

  • Kempt Staff

1122KMT_JFK_HEDOn that fateful Friday in Dallas, 50 years ago to the day, we lost a president and a bona fide style icon. So in memoriam of the most stylish commander in chief this country has ever known, we present:

A 21-photo salute to John F. Kennedy.

Portrait of the Kennedy Men Kennedy at College 1122_JFK_3 Lieutenant Kennedy 1122_JFK_5 Senator Kennedy 1122_JFK_7 1122_JFK_8 1122_JFK_9 1122_JFK_10 1122_JFK_11 1122_JFK_12 1122_JFK_13 1122_JFK_14 JFK and Jackie Kennedy at their wedding 1122_JFK_16 Nixon-Kennedy Debate 1122_JFK_18 Cronkite & JFK John F. Kennedy and His Children Getting Out of Car 115507957.jpg