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Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad Fedora Is 2013’s Scorpion Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

Ryan Gosling Blue Fedora Gangster Squad

This weekend, the marked uptick in on-screen handsomeness continues with Gangster Squad finally hitting theaters.

We caught a screening earlier this week, and throughout all of the expected Eisenhower-era dapperness, there was one scene that really struck us. Naturally, it involved one Ryan Gosling, but the real scene-stealer was his dusty-blue fedora. With all the charcoals and browns atop everyone else’s heads, when Gosling donned the blue hat mid-film, we knew things were about to get a little more badass. (And they did.) We did a little research—each gent had his hats done separately, but Gosling’s hat was a custom job from a milliner in Chicago.

And thanks to menswear’s recently rekindled love affair with hats, we’re sensing this could be the silk scorpion jacket of 2013.

A few more stylish shots of the film's fedora-clad leads:

Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad

Anthony Mackie Gangster Squad

Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad

male leads gangster squad fedoras

Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad

Ryan Goslin and Josh Brolin Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling Michael Pena Robert Patrick Gangster Squad