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Ruby Tuesday


It may be past its 45th birthday, but the mod look is wearing its age pretty well. Boosted by the Tommy-inspired looks currently fueling menswear—along with Paul Smith’s nostalgic pastels—Swinging London is as strong now as it's ever been.

And if you’re going to jump on a scooter, you’ll going to need a helmet to match.


Les Ateliers Ruby specializes in jet helmets (that’s strapless, or Steve McQueen-style for the cinematic) with candy stripes or polka dots to give it a uniquely mod flavor. The brand itself is French, but it still carries a distinctly British feeling. It’s not hard to imagine one of these popping up in *Quadrophenia*, on the back of a GS with 20 rear-view mirrors.


And, like any object of desire, the details are where the real magic happens. The interior is red lambskin, set off by a chrome ring along the outside, giving it a warmth that most helmets lack. Look close and you’ll also see the subtle spine along the top that keeps things from taking on the dreaded soup-bowl look.

Les Ateliers Ruby