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Rose-Colored Glasses


Style has moved fast enough for long enough that no designer would have trouble making an outfit to perfectly signify 1983, 1974, or 1962. In fact, more than a few designers have contented themselves to do just that. The technology of photography has been moving just as fast, but while fashion has been dealing in nostalgia for upwards of 30 years, the photographers are just starting to catch on.

The popular Camerabag app for the iPhone just introduced a “retro” package that lets you choose between three of their most era-specific filters—’83, ’74, and the black-and-white ’62. The digital filters do a pretty good job of matching the foibles of each camera style—and even the washed-out feel of the polaroid can be replicated—but whether these filters become more than gimmicks is up to the public. A picture of Obama’s inauguration would take on a whole new resonance run through the ’62 filter, and Terry Richardson has been making a living on tricks like this for years.

Maybe this will inspire him to get rid of his polaroids...but we doubt it.