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Roll Call

  • Najib Benouar


As temperatures rise, your pant legs have a natural inclination to do the same.

Forget all that Thom Browne suiting; we’re talking about the pants you’re wearing right now, and the ones you’ll be wearing from here on out. It's time to give your ankles some fresh air and sunshine.

And the first step in summer-izing your cuffs is a time-honored maneuver we’ve dubbed the summer roll.

You’ve got a few options: neatly cuffed, casually rumpled, or the more advanced pegging. If you want the tapered look, grab a loose corner of hem, fold it behind your calf and then give your hem a few rolls upward, but we suggest starting out with three simple tuck-and-folds of the hem.

By design the roll works with all pant-types, but it’s best executed with a pant that’s lightweight, yet substantial enough (think chinos, not linen) to stay rolled. The goal is to let your ankles feel the breeze, so roll 'em up, skip the sock drawer, lace up your trusty pair of canvas summer shoes, and you’ll be golden.

One last word of advice: don’t go overboard—a roll nearing the knee might evoke the imagery of culottes, a look that's always meant trouble.

Particularly if you're French royalty.