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Rock On


We’re always up for tales of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery, so we’re more than a little excited for The Runaways. So much so, that we’re going to pretend we’ve never heard of this Twilight business.

Even if it’s not a masterpiece of film (and the jury’s still out), we’ll be happy if it means getting the band’s catalog back into the world’s DJ crates. If you haven’t bothered, you might be in for quite a surprise. This one, for instance, is a hell of an album, and the beautiful-girl-gone-badass look doesn't hurt one bit. Their sound is more Cheap Trick than Ramones—under other circumstances, we might even describe it as cock rock—which should make it the perfect soundtrack for tales of booze, drugs and music-industry shenanigans.

At least until someone gets around to filming the Blondie story.