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Rock ‘n’ Roll Music


With the “rock look” flying around so much these days—we’re looking at you, John—it’s easy to forget the people who crafted that look in the first place: the musicians, but more importantly the photographers.

Scandinavian photographer Eric Broms’ is one of the more recent arrivals to the scene, but his work is a pretty good example of it. His subjects range from icons like Madonna and Debbie Harry to the more primal flair of Mr. James Osterberg (also known as Iggy Pop.)

For a chance to see the pics in person, try his photography exhibit at uptown NYC boutique Clearly First, open through February 21. The exhibit consists primarily of candid shots of musicians and their sidekicks (meaning band and backup dancers, not shady ex-paparazzi enablers), hanging out backstage and napping.

But still managing to look glamorous.