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Revival of the Fittest

  • Jared Paul Stern


After a close shave with obsolescence, things are looking up for Savile Row. Ozwald Boateng's new 6,800-sq.ft. store opening there next month heralds the beginning of what many hope will be a new era for the beleaguered “bespoke couturiers,” who have banded together with local government and landlords to keep the spiritual home of British tailoring alive, *Time* magazine reports.

The plan involves tailoring firms consolidating their businesses to free up storefronts on the Row for other retailers--which could pose some problems. After all, if H&M opens a Savile Row shop, will the famed thoroughfare still have the same cachet? In any case, the Logsdail Question has been settled once and for all. “Savile Row Bespoke” has finally been registered as a trademark, and any garments so called must be made on the Row or within 100 yards of it, with a minimum requirement of 50 man-hours per suit. Case closed.


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