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Revival Meeting


If the shades on the top look familiar, they should. But they just got a whole lot less vintage.

As a response to the popularity of their vintage gear, Carrera dug into their archive for a set of their best old styles, and brought the resulting models back into production. Naturally, it’s still better to get the Real McCoy, but for a couple hundred dollars less, the revival isn’t too bad either.

Carrera’s newer styles haven’t done too much to catch our eye, but this reboot might be just what the brand needs to get its legs back. If they can jump back to 1986 and start over from there, they may start digging up a lot more than just nostalgia.

This has happened before, most notably with the retro kabuki Converse has been milking for the past few years, but almost every brand with more than 20 years under its belt could benefit from a trip down memory lane. We’ll start by calling out denim companies like Levi’s to start reissuing replicas of their very first products: dungarees circa 1870.

Like most good ideas, the possibilities are endless.