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As usual, the latest capsule show was teeming with well-dressed fellows. But one of the particular quirks of the trade show is that most of the best outfits are direct off the sample racks. Often enough, they were made for the man wearing them.

For instance, Norsea Industries’ Stephen Banks was sporting one of the better fits we’ve ever seen in an unstructured blazer. The garment in question is the Stamford jacket, stitched together by Manchester’s Cooper & Stallbrand—one of the last remaining garment factories in the UK—where it seems to have picked up a fair amount of industrial flavor. It’s one of the more interesting items in the S/S 2010 line and, as luck would have it, he was able to find one in his size…


The gentleman on the left is Oscar Ortendahl, who was holding down the fort for J. Linderberg. Next summer’s line is the first under their new creative director, Pierre Angelo D’Agostin, so there’s a bit more Italian dandyism than you might expect from a Swedish marque, starting with lighter, softer jackets. And we wouldn’t be surprised if the shorts got a bit longer in the bargain.

As you can tell from his relaxed posture and gregarious demeanor, the gentleman on the right is from the PR side. Eric Giraldi was manning the booth for Clae, and we decided the canvas sneakers were too good to pass up. And naturally, they were on-brand.