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Relationship Advice from Lollapalooza

  • Chris LaMorte


Reliable relationship advice is hard to find, but if anyone knows how to sustain a spirit of love and trust between two people, it’s the wives of hair metal stars.

We're going to say that again: the wives of hair metal stars.

To that end, we found our way to the Lollapalooza media tent in Chicago for a chat with Angela Celi, Josie Stevens and Susan Holmes-McKagan—the respective consorts of Billy Duffy (The Cult), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol guitarist) and Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses). Though none of their significant others were actually playing at the fest, the trio were trailed by a camera crew shooting—what else?—E!’s latest chronicle of the heavily mascaraed longtime companions of even more-heavily-mascared rock stars. The wisdom of the ladies is enclosed below:

Angela: It’s a lot of nurturing, and taking care of the home front. Taking of the home front. Josie: Traveling together. On the days we’re not, there’s a web cam. Susan: Patience. Trust. Don’t go to bed mad… lots of blow jobs…as long as we’re the ones giving them.

Truer words were never spoken.