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Reentry: Shootouts, Dead Heats and Stonehenge, Explained

Everything seemed to teeter on a bit of a knife’s edge this weekend: with three places up for grabs on the US Olympic track team, sprinters Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh tied for third place in the women’s 100 meters on Sunday, crossing the line at exactly the same time, 11.068 seconds. In other close calls, Egypt’s military rulers on Sunday officially recognized Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the winner of Egypt’s first competitive presidential election, Italy defeated England in a penalty shootout to advance to the semifinals of the Euro 2012 championships, and after 10 years of investigations (and 5,000 years of head-scratching), archeologists claim to have cracked the code on Stonehenge, concluding that it was in fact a monument built to unify the peoples of Britain, after a long period of conflict and regional difference.

If it were only that easy...